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AssiStep Price and Installation

Stair climber
Before deciding to purchase an AssiStep, we recommend that you schedule a free and non-binding consultation with our product advisors so that we can tailor a solution that meets your needs.
What is the AssiStep?

The AssiStep is an innovative and revolutionary stair climbing aid that allows you to continue mastering stairs in your own home.

With the assistance the product gives, you can walk your stairs safely and with increased support, both while descending and ascending the stairs. The AssiStep is equipped with a secure handle that stays locked when you apply force to it, and provides a physical hindrance that prevents stair falling. The patented and unique braking system allows for easy and safe stair climbing.

The handle is ergonomically shaped, giving you many different gripping opportunities both on the way up and down the stairs. Furthermore, the railing system is completely modular, which means it can be installed and delivered quickly after purchase, even for curved stairs.

AssiStep stair aid - Different gripping options
AssiStep stair aid - Different gripping options

How does the AssiStep work?

When ascending the stairs, simply push the light aluminum handle in front of you (like you would with a walker). When you pull the handle downwards, it stays locked so you can support yourself on the handle while climbing a step up.

When descending the stairs, you can slightly lift the outer section of the handle to disengage the locking mechanism. As soon as you apply force to the handle it will automatically go into a locked position, and thereby giving you support while climbing a step down.

The AssiStep secures and supports you when climbing stairs on a daily basis, giving you independence from others, and maintaining activity.

AssiStep Pricing

Similar to most accessibility aids that needs to be installed in a private home, the AssiStep price depends on several factors, such as:

  • What is the length of your staircase?
  • Do you have a straight or curved stair?
  • Do you want the handle parked in the staircase, or away from the stairs?
  • Can we install directly on the wall, without using a backboard for increased strength?
  • Do you need any specific features or options?

There are two main reasons how we're able to keep the prices much lower than stair lifts:

1. The AssiStep is a 100% mechanical product, keeping it simple and reliable. There's usually no need for service, and it still works if the power is out in your home

2. The AssiStep is a 100% module based system. This means that we don't need to tailor our handrail system to your stair, but can instead use finished high quality modules and adapt it to your stair on sight. This reduces labor intensive work and makes it possible for us to install the product in your home quickly.

AssiStep pricing
The AssiStep Stair Climber

How can the AssiStep keep you independent in your home?

There are many unique advantages of the AssiStep-system:

    • It keeps you active and healthy for as long as possible
    • It allows you to maintain, or even improve balance, walking ability and gait function
    • It provides increased safety both when ascending and descending your stairs
    • It prevents falls, since the handle stays locked if you were to fall on it
    • It includes a high-quality stainless steel handrail and therefore adds value to everyone using the stairs

Would you like to receive a free and non-binding consultation?

Our product advisors and home surveyors would be delighted to talk to you about the benefits of the product, and provide you with a free and non-binding offer.

Can I rent an AssiStep?

Would you like to save costs with the AssiStep? In that case it might be a good solution to rent it, if you only have a short term need.

Our product advisors are happy to inform you about the possible financing options as well as our rental and purchase programs.

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