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How Much is a Curved Stair Lift?

AssiStep versus curved stair lift
Estimated reading time 4 min. Published 03.02.2020
Curved stair lifts can be quite expensive. In this article we'll go through pricing, options and look at cheaper alternatives to a curved stair lift.

1. How much is a curved stair lift?

Curved stair lifts come in several different shapes and price ranges. Since curved stair lifts typically have to be tailored to your specific staircase, this has a profound impact on both price and delivery time.

Typical price ranges for curves stair lifts are £4,000 - £6,500 including the standard 1 year manufacturer warranty.

According to the most recent survey conducted by, UK customers on average paid £4,248 for a curved stair lift in 2018. As a general rule, every curve in your staircase will double the base price of the stair lift, since all curves have to be custom made to fit your exact staircase.

Resale value
Since curved stair lifts are custom made to your stair, they unfortunately are very difficult to resell on the private market as a used product after a few years.

The average usage time of a curved stair lift is roughly 2 years. The monthly costs can therefore be quite significant since it will leave you with very little resell value compared to the initial purchase cost.

Curved stair lift

2. Why you should consider alternatives to curved stair lifts

As mentioned, the initial purchase cost is quite high compared to the value you're left with after the 1 year manufacturer warranty have passed. You can however choose to purchase an extended warranty period where all service and repair costs are covered. According to, curved stair lifts usually needs to be serviced every 6 to 12 months.

In addition to the high price, curved stair lifts are known to take up quite a lot of space in and around your staircase. The seating unit often expands around 60 cm / 24 inches out from the wall. This is also the reason why curved stair lifts often don't meet the building and emergency regulations.

Maintaining activity and climbing stairs by yourself for as long as possible is one of the biggest health benefits you can have in your own home.

In fact, scientific studies have shown that daily activities such as vacuuming, short walks, and climbing your own stair is a big indicator of your life expectancy. A study among 36,000 people from Norway, Sweden, UK and USA show that doing these small daily activities have a profound impact on your health and life expectancy.

3. AssiStep

When we developed the award-winning and budget friendly stair climbing aid AssiStep, we set our goals high.

The AssiStep should:

  1. Be a cheaper alternative to curved stair lifts
  2. Be 100% modular, so that delivery and installation time is quick
  3. Be available for all stair types
  4. Promote activity and independence for all individuals using it
  5. Allow the user to continue living in their own home their whole life

The AssiStep was awarded the prestigious award "Best solution" by the SilverEco Ageing Well initiative in 2019.

The AssiStep is actually the only stair aid that has won this award, and the jury highlighted the unique and patented Scandinavian design that blends naturally into any home environment, removing stigma surrounding traditional stair lifts.


4. How much is a curved AssiStep?

The AssiStep can be installed in both straight and curved stairs, and have significant cost advantages compared to curved stair lifts:

  1. The AssiStep is usually 30 - 50% cheaper compared to a curved stair lift
  2. Since the AssiStep is 100% modular, it can in most cases be installed within a few days notice
  3. Since the AssiStep is a modular product, the potential resell value don't drop as much as a curved stair lift

As seen in

Stair Walker AssiStep

5. Where is the AssiStep available?

The AssiStep is available in most European countries, including the UK.

Find contact details to your local AssiStep-distributor by clicking the link below:

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