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Stairlift prices & price ranges 2023

Estimated reading time 4 min. Published 03.02.2020
With increasing age, sooner or later the question arises of what happens when you are struggling to climb the stairs in your home. Should you wait until the time comes or, as a precaution, adapt your living space now? What stairlift prices should you expect? In this article we'll look at typical stairlift cost and what alternatives that might be suitable for you.

Stairlift prices

These are the typical price ranges for stairlifts and other stair aids:

ProductStair typeAreaPrice range
StairliftStraightIndoor⇒ 2,800 £ - 4,500 £
StairliftCurvedIndoor⇒ 4,800 £ - 8,000 £


StraightOutdoor⇒ 3,200 £ - 4,800 £


CurvedOutdoor⇒ 6,500 £ - 11,000 £
Plattform liftStraightIndoor⇒ 4,000 £ - 20,000 £

Plattform lift

CurvedIndoor⇒ 9,000 £ - 25,000 £

Plattform lift

StraightOutdoor⇒ 5,000 £ - 22,000 £
Plattform liftCurvedOutdoor⇒ 10,000 £ - 27,000 £
Standing liftStraightIndoor⇒ 2,400 £ - 3,700 £

Standing lift

CurvedIndoor⇒ 4,800 £ - 8,500 £

Standing lift

StraightOutdoor⇒ 2,800 £ - 3,800 £

Standing lift

CurvedOutdoor⇒ 5,000 £ - 10,000 £
Home liftMax 1,5 mIndoor/Outdoor⇒ 11,000 £ - 25,000 £

Home lift

Max 12 mIndoor/Outdoor⇒ 15,000 £ - 30,000 £

Stairlift prices vary greatly and many factors play a role, such as the type of staircase, the desired model, location and the number of floors and curves.

With a stairlift you not only have to count on the one-time purchase costs that you see above, but you also have to pay an annual service fee to be able to ensure that the stairlift is serviced regularly and that you can get help in the event of an emergency or repair issue.

The service fee is usually 200 - 300 Pounds per year.

Lift for stairs

What factors influence stairlift prices?

Equipment: accessories, color, design

Model: chair lift, platform lift, standing lift, lifting lift

Rail system: 1- or 2-rail system

Number of curves: only one or more curves

Course of stairs: straight or curved stairs

Width of the stairs: < 47 inches or > 47 inches

Wall material: drywall, concrete, wood etc.

Number of floors: one or more

Maintenance: annually, every two years

Service: 24-hour service or standard

Area: inside or outside

Load capacity: <120 kg or >120 kg

Condition: new or used

Is there a cheaper alternative to the stairlift?

AssiStep - Chair lift alternative

The mechanical stair climbing aid AssiStep can for many people be a suitable and less expensive alternative to a stair lift.

Due to its simplicity, it's both cheaper to purchase and the operating costs are a lot lower compared to stair lifts, since it doesn't require frequent servicing.

One of the great advantages of the AssiStep is the fact that it gives you security and support, without overcompensating. This means that you can stay active for as long as possible, with the great health benefits that comes with that.

Thanks to the patented locking mechanism, the risk of falling is significantly reduced and no care personnel is required to provide additional support.

The AssiStep stair climbing aid is also a space-saver compared to stair lifts, since the railing system extends less than 4 inches out from your wall and can be installed in stairs as narrow as 23 inches. It also works as a high-friction stainless steel handrail for residents who don't need to use the handle.

AssiStep Folded to the wall
Folding the handle to the side takes up very little space

The importance of activity

Activity is the body's own medicine. With the AssiStep you choose a safe, independent and active everyday life by preserving your muscles and mobility.

In fact, a research study among 36.000 people in Norway, Sweden, UK and USA shows that continuing climbing stairs is a good fall preventive measure, since it helps maintain your balance and gait function.

Where is the AssiStep available?

The AssiStep is available in most European countries (including the UK), as well as South-America, North-America and Japan.

Find our distributor in your country by clicking the link below:

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