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Guttorm (95) uses the walker for stairs daily - "It’s an ingenious device for climbing and walking down stairs"

Hvordan Guttorm (95) har fått trappehjelp fra trappeassistenten AssiStep for å bo og tilpasse hjemmet sitt til å bo der hele livet. Hverdagsrehabilitering.
Estimated reading time 3 min. Published 26.07.2018
At the age of 94, Guttorm had the AssiStep walker for stairs installed in his home. Guttorm never had a car, and always thrived being on his feet. But after a fall, his gait function was significantly reduced. The stairs became an obstacle. But with the AssiStep walker for stairs, he can safely both climb and walk down the stairs.
Never owned a car

Guttorm is proud to have been able to trust his legs to carry him from one point to the next throughout his life. But the past few years have been a challenge for him.

  • “I had issues walking the stairs, I’ve had those on and off. But after falling, I have to say I’m quite diminished compared to what I used to be.”

He never had a car, but he’s now realized his legs won’t always do and that he needs something to assist him.

  • “And now I have it!”

When an occupational therapist went to consider accommodations to his home, he had the choice between a stair lift and the AssiStep, but to him the choice between stair assist devices was an easy one.

“A stair lift and this (the walker for stairsAssiStep) is like night and day, because you’re not passivized, but motivated to use the legs you have, and which are functional to put it simply.”
Guttorm (95)
His wife also benefits from this

“I’ve had a much better time myself, and now I can go out a lot more, knowing he can walk up and down the stairs by himself,” his wife adds.

Guttorm's wife

“Previously, when he was using crutches, I always had to watch how it went, did he get up and did he get down. But now I know he’s holding on to the walker for stairs AssiStep, so he is safe. I can see how well he is using it. And when I ask, ‘will you be alright?’, he always answers ‘yes, I’ll be alright.’”

“In my opinion, it’s an ingenious device for climbing and walking down stairs.”

Video from Guttorm's home:

Designed for your home

The AssiStep is designed and developed by engineers and industrial designers from Norway's leading Technical University.

The AssiStep is designed to blend naturally into your home environment as a discrete solution.

Keeps you safe and active

The AssiStep has been tested and certified by the world recognized TÜV from Germany. It's approved for users weighing up to 120 kg / 264 pounds and is compliant with the technical safety standards EN ISO 12182:2012

and EN ISO 14971:2012.

Can be installed in most types of stairs

AssiStep is designed to be easily adaptable to your stair. It can be installed in both straight and curved stairs as well as stairs with flat landings.

Takes up very little space

When the handle is folded, you'll only notice the beautiful stainless steel handrail.

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